Estetiko Skin and Laser are proud to have the latest technology in hair removal, Diode and Super Fast Hair Removal (SHR). The hair removal process involves the use of technology to gently pass a concentrated beam of light over the skin in a targeted area in order to safely damage and stop the growth of hair follicles. Our devices offer Super Fast Hair removal technology. SHR is a hassle-free, cost effective alternative to common hair removal solutions like shaving, waxing and electrolysis. Best of all, you will not need to worry about cuts, razor burn or ingrown hairs.

The difference Between IPL and SHR?
IPL uses a single intense pulse of energy that is targeted at melanin, which makes it effective on dark and coarse hair. However, this means that it has little effect on finer hair and people with a higher melanin count, or darker skin tones, will have more uncomfortable sessions since their skin will absorb more heat energy.

SHR, on the other hand, uses gentler pulses of energy at a higher frequency so the skin is heated gently. Furthermore, only 50% of the energy is targeted at melanin, which makes the hair less dark and coarse, while the other half targets the stem cells responsible for hair production. Therefore, both coarse and fine hairs are targeted and the removal process is more thorough and permanent.


Also, because the heat applied to the skin is more gradual and gentler, it results in less trauma on the skin and it’s suitable for everyone, no matter the skin tone and even those with sensitive skin. Even though we say beauty is pain, we’d prefer beauty to be as painless as possible, right?